Performed by Big Jeff's Family Band

This album is made up of some of the songs my old man loves, plus a few I thought he'd like. A lot of ‘em are tunes he would strum and sing when friends came over. Growing up with that is what inspired me to pick up a guitar in the first place. 

So glad to have my family and some great friends paying him tribute in music for his 80th birthday!

Here are the details...


Old Time Rock and Roll (Bob Seger Cover)

Every summer we have a big shindig around the pool at my folks’ place. I always bring some musician friends along to rock out. Dad likes to sit in for a few numbers, and he always starts with this one. 

Big Jeff — lead vocal, rhythm guitar, bass 

Rob Burach — drums 

Frank DeLuca — lead guitar 

Len Mooney — piano 

Pretty Much Everybody — rock and roll choir 


Lula May

Here’s some more old time rock and roll for ya. I wrote this one for my lady Lisa, a.k.a. Lula May. 

Big Jeff — lead vocal, guitars, drums, everything else 


Let the Mystery Be (Iris DeMent Cover) 

Speaking of Lula May, here she is, laying out some philosophy with extra sweetness. 

Lula May — lead vocal 

Big Jeff — guitar, backing vocal 

Dave Hartkern — drums 

Pete Lister — upright bass 

Seth Mandel — fiddle 

Molly — backing vocal 

Len Mooney — piano 


Don’t Dream It’s Over (Crowded House Cover) 

Dad once suggested that I cover this one. In fact, that’s what got this whole project started. 

Big Jeff — vocals, bass, guitars, organ 

Steve Doyle — drums, backing vocals 

Kathy Hubley — congas 

Lula May — backing vocals 

Molly — backing vocals 


When You Come Back to Me Again

(Garth Brooks Cover) 

Here’s a number from the soundtrack of "Frequency," a movie Dad really likes. It's a father-son time travel story, so it seems especially fitting here.

Big Jeff — lead vocal, guitars, bass, keyboards 

Rob Burach — drums 

Susanna Hari — backing vocals 

Molly — backing vocals 


Into the Mystic (Van Morrison Cover) 

Probably my favorite Van Morrison tune, and I thought Pops would like it. 

Big Jeff — vocal, guitar, drums, harmonica 

Pete Lister — upright bass 

Seth Mandel — fiddle 

Len Mooney — accordion 


Midnight Rider (Allman Brothers Cover) 

This one started off based on Willie Nelson’s version, then a lot of Allmans crept back into it. My brother’s singing lead, and he is an animal unto himself. He and his family sent their parts all the way from Germany! 

Big Jeff — bass 

Frank DeLuca — slide guitar 

Dominick — opening guitar 

Fiona — vocal 

Archibald Humperdinck — vocal 

Meike — rhythm guitar 

Len Mooney — Hammond organ 


Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor?

(Billy Rose Cover) 

I remember the old man playing this one on his beat up Hoffner 12-string guitar around the campfire. I start it off pretty much the way he did, then take a left turn… 

Big Jeff — lead vocal, guitar, bass 

Rob Burach — drums 

Steve Doyle — backing vocals 

Seth Mandel — backing vocals 

Molly — backing vocals 


Everybody’s Talkin’ (Fred Neill Cover) 

Of course you've heard Harry Nillson sing this one, won him a Grammy. This version’s got some sand and sea and sun on it. Might also win a Grammy.

Big Jeff — vocal, whistling, ukulele, bass, shaker, keyboards 

Rob Burach — bongos 

Seth Mandel — violin, viola 


Someday Soon (Ian and Sylvia Cover) 

As far as my mom and dad are concerned, this is “their song.” So proud to have both my kids out front here! 

Big Jeff — drums, guitar, bass 

Seth Mandel — fiddle 

Molly — lead vocal 

Nate - banjolele 


Hands on the Wheel (Willie Nelson Cover) 

Another Willie Nelson tune, Dad’s a big fan. It’s from the end of a Robert Redford movie called the Electric Horseman. 

Big Jeff — vocals, guitar, upright bass 

Molly — backing vocal 

Seth Mandel — mandolin 

Nate — banjolele 


Most of this record was mixed and mastered by Victor Phillips at Sonic Fix Studios. John Seymour mixed Lula May and Let the Mystery Be. Molly designed the cover.

Special thanks to Lula May,  Aggie Raven, the Shadow Demons, Little Notes Music School, Moose Audio, Dan Crochery, and of course, Mom and Dad.