Production - Instruction

Hi, I'm "Big Jeff" DeSmedt. 

As a full-time North Jersey children's entertainer and restaurant musician for the past two decades, I've played more gigs and released more music than most.

Now I want to help you realize your potential as a performer.

We'll be doing that here...

Production Instruction

Let's  begin with two questions...

1) What do you like most about your playing? 

2) What do you like least about your playing? 

I'll design an individualized program that plays to your strengths and strengthens your weaknesses. 

Every hourlong Social Distanced studio class or Zoom session, you'll get exercises to work toward those goals, along with recordings of your progress. 

By the end of the program, you’ll have... 

  • A 5-Song EP
  • Your own music video
  •  Opportunities to work with professional musicians 
  • Opportunities to create with musicians  you know
  • A deeper appreciation of music itself