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And now, live from the Land of the Bouncy People, it’s time for… 


Episode 7 -- "Singing through the Seasons!"

“Molly Melody” and “Hanna Harmony” have been my daughters ever since they were born.  They inspired the entire Big Jeff act when they were small, they sang on every Big Jeff CD, they are at the heart of the music.  Which is why I'm so pleased they're both singing and playing on this Big Jeff Radio episode, going through all the seasons of the year. This is family music in more ways than one! 

Not to be outdone, this week's Very Special Guest is Ken Galipeau.  Ken is a talented children's musician, and he's also a great storyteller!  We do a lot of chatting between songs on this one. Ken and I will play and sing together on songs like “Cowboy,” “Fishin’ with Ish,” “The Garden State,” and “Oh St. Helen’s.”  It's a mellow, rambling, funny and tuneful good time!

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