You might know them already as Molly Melody and Hanna Harmony. They're my daughters, and they grew up inspiring me and participating in my family music. They're growing up on us, though! Hanna has studied music pretty seriously on her own for a long time now, and she's growing into a talent that'll make mine look like child's play. So to speak. Here's a slideshow video of her cover of "Imagine." Her  band is called "22 toes" mostly because we like to keep people guessing. It's a loose organization. Molly helps out on occasion. I'm playing guitar along with Hanna and her ukelele here.

... And here's what I've been up to lately. 

This one's a song by my buddy Mingo Lodge from the band Big Boss Sausage. It's got that new "Wall of Jeff" sound, where you throw all sorts of sounds at the wall and hope for the best. Just a still pic as you listen this time around, but stay tuned for an update down the road. 

I've played this song at a bunch of children's shows over the past couple of weeks. Everybody's been rocking out to it!

Check out Mingo and Morning Door's version of the song here:

Remember, the rest of Big Jeff Radio is still on the air! So far it's up to 18 episodes of fabulous family music and humor. It won't be there for long though, I'm planning to reconfigure, add on, and re-release in a new format soon. It'll be a gift to look forward to for NEXT Holiday season!

All the best to you and yours,

Big Jeff

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