Seventeen years ago or so, I was prepping to perform some fall preschool programs and said to myself, "I need to come up with a Halloween Routine." And BAM!  The title for a song, a show, and an album was born.  

Over the next couple of years I would write a new spooky tune or two, like "Mean Old Witch" or "The Vampire's Problem," and learn a classic like "One-Eyed One-Horned Flying Purple Eater." In this way, I slowly put together a whole presentation designed to transform scary ideas into fun and imaginative activities.  It's occurred to me since that that's what Halloween's all about!

Above is the cover from the original 2001 "Halloween Routine" recording, taken back when I didn't have a beard, my daughters were six and three years old, and music was encoded onto shiny round pieces of plastic known as "Compact Discs," or "CDs" for short.  

I'm sure the songs are floating around all over the Cybersphere these days, but what you CAN'T get that way is the full live "Halloween Routine" experience.  For that, you'll want to bring the kids along to one of these four shows.  Most of them are in Hoboken, because Hoboken and I are good friends.  But I love me some Basking Ridge too!  There's no admission charge on any of these, so come on out and do the "Dance of 1,000 Ghosts!"


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